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Every business needs words.

But they need to be the right words. They need to be words to make an impact. They need to be clear, make sense, and get straight to the point. They need to be words that make things happen.

And it’s not always easy to find these winning words.

This is where I can help.

I offer a range of writing services designed to make your life that little bit easier. You might need fresh content from scratch. Maybe your existing material isn’t delivering the results your business deserves. Or perhaps you’d like a little reassurance on a document before hitting that send button.

Here are my key services:

  • Copywriting: I will produce clear, concise and engaging copy using language that’s easy to understand. No jargon, no flannel, no hype – just simple words designed to get people to do what you want.
  • Copy-Editing: I will review your existing copy and tell you how I can improve it. I will make it flow better. I will ensure consistency and remove unnecessary repetition. I will get your message across clearly.
  • Proofreading: Even if you’re confident in your ability to produce good copy, it can be difficult to proofread your own work. I will review your document and fix any mistakes.

No matter how big or small your project is, I can help.

To get the ball rolling, simply drop me an email at paul@thesparepen.com or give me a call on 07816 874698. Tell me what you need, and I’ll let you know exactly how I can help.

My fees are competitive, and I’ll provide absolute dedication to your project and a quick turnaround.

Because it’s important we get this right.