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Proofreading is the careful reading of a document to detect any errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. It may also involve checking the layout (such as headlines, paragraphs, illustrations, and colours) for their correct dimensions, placement, type and format.

“You want to make sure when you go out there that the tag on the back of your collar isn’t poking up—unless, of course, you are deliberately wearing your clothes inside out.”  

Mary Norris, American author, writer and copy editor for The New Yorker

We’ve all made mistakes.

At some point we’ve all sent an email without a subject line. We’ve all been frustrated by a report which contains an incorrect contents page. Even the leading publications are prone to the occasional typo.

Sending business proposals, publishing blog articles or posting marketing materials with errors in them could result in lost customers and damage to your reputation.

So it’s really important to get these things right.

Even if you’re confident in your ability to produce good copy, it can be difficult to proofread your own work. That’s why another pair of eyes can help identify any mistakes you might have missed.

I can help by making sure your copy:

  • Contains no spelling mistakes
  • Uses the correct grammar and punctuation
  • Has the correct formatting and layout
  • Is consistent throughout
  • Aligns with your style guidelines

Don’t take the risk of damaging your reputation with substandard and error-littered material. It really isn’t worth it. Instead, get in touch and let me help.


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